Mice might not be your dream pop singers but for female mice their voice is as sweet as the voice of Kent Morrill for you.

Researchers in their new study captured approximately 100 singing mice and implanted some of the males with extra male hormones while castrating the others.
These mice are also known as Alston's Brown Mice (Scotinomys teguina) from Costa Rica.

The male mice with enhanced hormone sing more rapidly and with a wider range of frequencies than the castrati—and females noticed the difference, sciencemag.org reported.

Researchers when played the recordings of the male mouse through speakers to a female mouse on other end of her cage, she walked over to the speaker piping out the tunes of the pumped-up male and sat down in front of it, like a groupie at a concert.

Here is the link of the video Macho Mice Make Manly Melodies: http://bcove.me/9bg51hag