The smart app on the new iPhone 4S is, of course, the Siri voice assistant, a fairly intelligent feature that lets users ask questions and receive answers. The future for Siri, however, appears to be to not have to vocalize but rather respond to those questions which are transmitted via thought waves.

There has been a report, Project Black Mirror, where a couple of individuals, named Ollie & Josh, have decided that controlling Siri via thought rather than voice is a far better way forward. While it’s possible that this video is a hoax, there's enough buzz on about how it could be possible that Siri just got a major brain wave upgrade that no one was expecting.

The two persons from Project Black Mirror seem to talk you through the technical aspects of their brain wave reading method that transmits to the Siri personal assistant on the Apple iPhone 4S. An ECG pad is connected to a user, which collects their brain waves and converts them into synthesized speech, which is then sent via the headphone jack and acknowledged by Siri as a command.

Videos below show the clippings related to this project.

The guys from Project Black Mirror have revealed on their blog at that they’ve received tons of email in their inbox. A lot of excitement about the potential of Siri being controlled by brain waves has got people hoping that this hacking trick is real.

The demo of Ollie & Josh's Siri mind-reading project was made public and put on YouTube to enable them to get funding from Kickstarter. The group at Project Black Mirror is looking to produce a working prototype and submit the design to get funds from Kickstarter. says on the Web site that it is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.