Even as rumors about iPhone 5 keep brewing over and over, an image of a device, supposedly iPhone 6, has surfaced.

According to a report by Baidu, a major portal site in China, the image of iPhone 6 was unveiled online. The device has been designed in Apple's typical style of keeping iPhone white and it looks just like the much-awaited next generation iPhone at a glance.

However, look a bit closer and you'll see that it is a fake. The shape of the Apple logo is as if the apple was not bitten. And the name of the device is actually 'iPnoho6' exchanging the alphabet 'N' and 'H'.

Everyone can assume that this is a knockoff version of iPhone 6. But, where is iPhone 5? iPhone 4S is the latest official handset from Apple and the whole world is waiting for iPhone 5, busily sharing their expectations and imagination of its design and features.

But if iPhone 4S is considered as iPhone 5, probably this fake iPhone has come out just in time or ahead of its time. And, as even the fake version of iPhone is drawing attention, it is high time Apple unveiled iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 to the world.