Microsoft's Skype unit released an update on Thursday for its video calling app for iPhone, iPad and Android. On both platforms, Skype's messaging features have been dramatically improved, taking away some of the frustrations that were present in previous versions. Both versions have also received major cosmetic redesigns.

On the Android side, users can now see at a glance how many unread messages are remaining. Skype now also includes a floating action bubble that makes starting a new conversation easier than before.

On the iPhone and iPad side, Skype now supports swipe gestures to manage calls, faster sharing functions, and the ability to start a group chat or group voice call straight from the iPad. Users can also share content now even while inside a call, including photos, Web links and emoticons.

On the iPad, users now have the ability to share locations, view Web link previews, and send and receive photos at any time. The functionality was previously restricted to the iPhone. Both Android and iOS versions also include an enhanced search, promising to find older conversations faster.

On the Windows 10 Mobile side, the Skype team promises to share more news as it becomes available. The Windows 10 version of Skype will be included in a future version of the built-in messaging app, after the team abandoned development of the separate Windows 8 touch app.

The updated versions of Skype are available from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store now.