Songify App for iPhone may overtake 'Owling' and 'Planking' as the newest Internet meme.

'Crazy cat lady' Cara Hartman's EHarmony video, where she waxed poetic about cats, was turned into a song with the Songify app and went viral on YouTube. Now it has nearly 4 million hits, in only two weeks.

Since the date ad-cum-music video, both Hartman and Songify have also become increasingly popular with netizens and techies, struggling for exposure on the Internet.

Hartman has started a cat-themed Web site, selling cat merchandise.

Songify was listed as a new Internet 'meme' alongside 'Owling' and 'Planking' by CBS.

Since Hartman's video went viral, more and more people have been using songify to popularize their songs.

Songify is responsible for the following video, paring an infamous moment in American musical history with some cute children:

This video calls the new Songifiers 'Unintentional Singers.'

Perhaps they have more talent than people laying flat or squatting for photos in 'Owling' and 'Planking' pics. Albeit unintentionally.

The latest version of Songify available for free at the iTunes App Store.