Sony will start shipping the PlayStation VR headset next month, and it looks like fans are in for a treat. Sony has announced that it will be giving away a free physical demo disc along with a purchase of the virtual reality headset.

“The PlayStation VR demo disc will feature a massive eight titles for you to sample, so you can get the perfect introduction to your new Vitual Reality World,” Sony announced on the PlayStation blog. The disc will include demos for “Driveclub VR,” “PlayStation VR Worlds,” “RIGS Mechanized Combat League,” “Tumble VR,” “Battlezone,” “EVE: Valkyrie,” “Wayward Sky” and “Headmaster.”

The free demo disc will be bundled with the PlayStation VR headset, and it may be Sony’s strategy to drive adoption for its new virtual reality headset, as pointed out by The Verge. The addition of “EVE: Valkyrie” is also notable considering that it was one of the launch titles for the Oculus Rift. “PlayStation VR Worlds” comes with five mini games that showcase the full capability of the new VR headset, which should keep users optimistic for upcoming titles.

It’s important to note that the these are just demos and are basically designed to encourage consumers to buy the full game. Also, there’s no word yet on whether these demo games will be available to download from the PlayStation Network. However, these demos require the PlayStation VR headset to work, so it looks like they will only be bundled with the headset, according to Polygon.

Sony will be holding a major event tomorrow where the PlayStation 4 Slim is expected to be officially announced. The PlayStation VR will certainly be one of the major products that the company will further talk about considering that its Oct. 13 shipping date is just a few weeks away. The PlayStation VR sells for $399 for the “core bundle,” while the “launch bundle” costs $499.