Shortly after attempting to quell customer fear over the loss of personal information and credit card numbers, Sony is now addressing the really important stuff: the safety of games saves.

PSN subscribers have overwhelmed Sony with questions over whether their game data, trophies, and PS+ cloud saves were affected by the recent breach of the company's server. Fortunately for them, Sony assessment is that all of that data is intact and will be restored alongside the PSN service.

Sony will also offer subscribers to the online games DC Universe Online and Free Realms a make good plan, the details of which the company said it will release soon.

Sony also has other plans to make up with its customers. We are currently evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience as we work to get these services back online, the company wrote on the PlayStation blog.

It is still uncertain whether Sony's effort to restore trust in its customers will be a successful one. With speculation that hackers have gotten a hold of the credit card information of 2.2 million of its customers, Sony faces an uphill struggle guaranteeing that it can keep that information safe in the future. The company is already being sued as a result of the breach.