Sony Corp reaffirmed its commitment to 3D technology on Wednesday, saying it would provide more content and launch 3D cameras and camcorders.

In a splashy presentation at which Chief Executive Howard Stringer appeared on stage in a car from the upcoming 3D action film The Green Hornet, alongside the film's stars, the company also announced a deal with Time Warner Cable to provide content across a range of Sony's connected products.

2011 begins the next phase of our 3D strategy, a year in which 3D becomes personal, Sony CEO Howard Stringer told reporters at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Imagine watching your child's soccer games in 3D.

Sony also plans to launch a 24-hour 3D television channel in partnership with Discovery and IMAX Corp this year, Stringer said. He reeled off a list of Sony 3D movies to come, including Men in Black 3 and the next installment of the Spiderman series.

Japanese rivals Sharp and Panasonic are beefing up their connected TV offerings in a bid to merge the features of PCs and televisions, but Stringer said the scale of Sony's user base would make its connected TVs a success.

As was once said about our famous Japanese icon Godzilla, size does matter, Stringer said.

He said by March, more than 50 million television screens in U.S. homes alone will be Internet-abled via Sony Playstation 3 game consoles, Sony Internet TVs and Sony Wifi Blu-ray players.

Sony has sealed a deal with Time Warner Cable to provide content, executives said at the presentation.

(Editing by Chris Gallagher)