UPDATE: Sony has released an official teaser for the PS4: See it here.

The teaser described in the following story is almost certainly fake, with an interview with the creators (translated from French) here.

Has the PlayStation 4 been "outed"? When Sony announced the PS4 in February, it only gave details about the unit's controller, leaving fans to wonder what the console would be like. Now, it seems, they can at least get a glimpse. On Monday, Reddit user “moxmoxmox” linked to a YouTube video that purports to show the body of the Sony PlayStation 4.

The video, posted at 12 p.m. EDT, shows people with reflections of the four PlayStation buttons in their eyes amid images of gameplay and several quick glimpses of a console body, supposedly the PS4.

At the end of the video, the logos for Sony, PS4 and E3 are shown, so it's possible that it's an official video created for the annual electronics trade show Electronic Entertainment Expo, scheduled for June 11 to 13 in Los Angeles. The controller shown in the video looks like the one Sony unveiled in February, so the console could be the genuine article.

There were a lot of mockups and other false images created to build hype for the upcoming PS4 console, so we advise you to take the following video with a grain of salt.

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