SoundCloud is rolling out an update for its iOS app to bring a previously Android app-only feature. The move makes the iOS app on par with the Android version in terms of features and functionality.

On Friday, SoundCloud announced via its official blog that support for Google Chromecast is finally arriving to its iOS app. “We are excited to announce SoundCloud is now available on Google Chromecast through your iOS device,” the Berlin, Germany-based team behind the online audio distribution platform wrote. “While we were already integrated with Android, we’ve made it even better and extended the experience to include iOS devices.”

The addition of Chromecast support to the iOS version of SoundCloud is good news to users who want to do some casting using their Apple devices. What this means is they can now enjoy listening to audio tracks and recordings using a large display device, which usually comes with high quality speakers or is connected to more sophisticated speakers, as pointed out by VentureBeat

“Now users with a SoundCloud Go+ subscription can stream their complete catalog through Google Chromecast. We also enabled shared playback, so multiple users can control what’s playing,” the team stated before adding that both the iOS and Android versions of their app has been updated to “prove a consistent and streamlined experience” to users. 

The updates come just days after co-founder Eric Wahlforss revealed to Business Insider that London was crucial to the success of the German company from the very beginning. “London was always the more established and the more professional hub,” he said. “It was where the capital was and still is to a large extent. And so that was incredibly important to us early on in the history of the company.”

SoundCloud has revealed recently that it raised over $298 million from a range of investors. The figure includes $70 million from Twitter and from investors in London, such as Index Ventures.