Pokémon are taking over the iOS and Android ecosystems. After the massive success of “Pokémon GO” all over the world, The Pokémon Company has decided to release a new game that will once again win the hearts of kids and the kids at heart. But there’s a problem: the upcoming iOS and Android mobile gaming app will try to catch the attention of consumers by putting the spotlight on the most pathetic Pokémon ever.

Gematsu learned Thursday The Pokémon Company already announced the imminent release of “Splash! Magikarp” (“Haneru! Koiking” in Japan). The company revealed that this new game is slated to debut this spring, but it did not provide the specific date yet. What it did is put up a teaser website that’s designed to build up the hype over the game.

Based on the website, “Splash! Magikarp” is going to have some mysterious layers to it. First of all, the teaser website is designed to mimic the face of a newspaper, and the main story of the paper mentions the appearance of mysterious holes that are shaped like Magikarp in a peaceful town.

It is very likely that this game will center on certain mysteries. The newspaper on the teaser website mentions a fisherman witnessed how the Magikarp-shaped holes came to be. There is also mention of an ongoing investigation on the holes, as per My Nintendo News.

While many are pleased at the thought of having another Pokémon game, some may be taken aback upon knowing that it focuses on Magikarp, which is considered the most weak and most pathetic Pokémon.

Introduced as part of Gen 1 Pokémon, Magikarp was never a fan-favorite because of its weakness. Bulbapedia says it just flops around during battles and is not at all a strong swimmer. Also, when it does its special move, called Splash, it gets to jump out of the water only to be targeted by Pidgeotto.