The next Battle Competition in “Pokémon Sun and Moon” is set to happen this February. Ahead of it, The Pokémon Company opened the registration for the big event that’s scheduled to run from Feb. 24 through 26. Players who will join the event will be receiving special presents in the form of Mega Stones.

Just this Thursday, Serebii reported that the registration for the 2017 International Challenge February Competition has already started. Interested players can register starting today, Feb. 16, until next Thursday, Feb. 23, which is just a day before the competition begins.

The February event is going to be a Double Battle competition, and it will follow VGC 2017 rules that entail the use of the Pokédex for the Alola region creatures only. Although this will require the use of Alola Pokémon only, some creatures are banned from joining. Players will not be allowed to use Solgaleo, Lunala, Magearna, Cosmog, Cosmoen, Necrozma and Zygarde during the battles. The use of Mega Stones is also strictly prohibited.

Speaking of Mega Stones, the new Battle Competition will also serve as the venue where The Pokémon Company is going to distribute the missing Stones in the Alola Region-based games. For this month, players will receive Mawilite and Beedrillite Mega Stones if they joined the competition.

VG 24/7 has learned that only a limited number of players will be lucky enough to receive the Mawilite and Beedrillite Mega Stones. Fortunately, The Pokémon Company is going to release these Mega Stones about a month or two from today. So let’s just say, receiving them as gifts for joining the competition is just a means of having that advantage compared to others who won’t get them yet.

Meanwhile, Polygon expressed its disgust over “Pokémon Sun and Moon’s” latest giveaway. Apparently, players who drop by GameStop from Valentine’s Day until March 5 are rewarded with one silver bottle cap — an item that many players may already have loads of if they have played at the Festival Plaza and Poké Pelago.