Square Inc
Square Inc. engaged into a war of words with an internet troll.This photo shows a close-up view of the homepage of the microblogging website Twitter in London, England, June 1, 2011. Getty Images/ Oli Scarff

Square Inc., a California-based financial services merchant services aggregator and mobile company, engaged into a war of words with an internet troll on Twitter on Friday, and the tweets have since gone viral. In a series of comments, Square Inc. attempted to shut up the Twitter user that goes by the name of “Fart Sandwich.”

The exchange of the comments began when the user, Fart Sandwich, told Square Inc. to “go away” on a thread where the company was advising an organization over an issue. The company based in San Francisco promptly replied “you first” to the tweet, and this triggered a heated exchange of comments.

Fart Sandwich went on to make fun of the Square Inc.’s description in the bio section of Twitter which, according to the troll, was to “make a financial corporation look hip and trendy.” The actual description reads: "Making commerce easy and accessible to everyone."

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To this, the company replied someone who chose the name “Fart Sandwich” to represent himself or herself on the social media, should not comment on other profiles.

Fart Sandwich, referring to its own account, said the user with fake name was the saner one in the conversation because Square Inc. was trying to make major business “look cute and fuzzy.”

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Square Inc. did not take the comment lightly as it fired back immediately. It offered the internet troll to try and pitch the business offer of selling “fart sandwiches” with the help of their company if the user wished.

In another sarcastic remark, Fart Sandwich referred to Square Inc.’s lack of expertise when it came to technology. Fart Sandwich said the company could have easily made a meme out of its previously reply to make it more visually appealing but chose not to, since it would have gone against the “brand.”

By this time, another user, Marco Rogers, jumped into the conversation, and said the internet troll and the merchant services company were doing almost the same thing, but only the latter was making money off it. This added fuel to the fire.

Amid the war of words between Square Inc. and the internet trolls, Twitterati had the last laugh. While one user said he was baffled to witness a virtual war between a merchant services provider and an internet troll, others egged the two, saying it was exactly what they wanted to witness.

Square, Inc. develops and provides payment processing, point-of-sale (POS), financial, and marketing services worldwide, according to Bloomberg. The company makes profits from providing small businesses and consumers with easy-to-use financial tools such as POS application software (for managing payments), Square Dashboard (real-time data and sales analyzing tool), Square Payroll (tool for hiring, onboard, and manage employee payrolls and associated taxes), among other services.

The revenue for Square Inc. has grown by $204 million over the last quarter, which comes to a 39% increase in profits from last year, according to an article published in May by Motley Fool. Since last summer, its stock price has gone up 100 percent. Looking at the momentum that the company’s stock price has taken, the article stated many investors would be willing to commit to the future of the organization. Motley Fool is a multimedia financial-services company that provides financial solutions for investors.

Meanwhile, trolling on internet has become widespread. Celebrities and big organizations are more frequently trolled than common people on the social media. Although most instances of trolling are relatively harmless, there have been incidents when social media trolling has turned nasty.