Square, the company founded by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, is getting a major distribution bump from Apple.

Business Insider reports that Dorsey and Square have just scored a distribution deal with Apple. The company will carry Square's reader dongle in each of its 235 U.S. Stores. The move is a big one for Square, which launched last May.

Via the Square reader, users can accept credit card and debit card transactions via their smartphones. Square charges a 2.75% fee on all transactions, but, unlike credit card companies does not charge users extra fees. Founder Jack Dorsey announced via Twitter last month that the company processes more than $1 million per day

Square currently offers the dongle for free, but will charge customers $10 if they purchase them through the Apple Store.

The deal comes amidst rumors that Apple is developing its own mobile payment system. It is currently unknown whether Square's business will conflict with Apple's rumored plans.

Square was founded by Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey, who recently moved back to helm the microblogging site. Dorsey currently splits his time between the two companies.