Star Wars Battlefront II was the chosen one. It was supposed to fix the problems people had with the first Battlefront reboot that came out back in 2015 by beefing up the amount of multiplayer content and adding a real story mode. It was probably the best looking Star Wars game of all time and it was fun enough to play. All it needed was more stuff to do.

It appears Star Wars Battlefront II fulfilled that requirement, but at a great cost. In order to see and unlock all of the content, including playable iconic Star Wars heroes, you either have to play an incomprehensible amount of the game or pony up real money for random loot crates on top of the $60 you already spent on the game. This approach is so egregious that the developers promised to make adjustments before the game officially came out.

Despite those adjustments, it does not appear that the players who received early copies of the game by purchasing the special edition or being members of the press are satisfied with the experience. Star Wars Battlefront II developers hosted a Reddit AMA Wednesday to address the community’s concerns, and it did not go especially well.

“The thing that pisses me off is the fact that this actually looks like it could be a fun game, I was planning on getting it until all this p2w bullsh*t came out,” user Zentir said in response to an answer clarifying that the game matches you against other players based on skill level, despite the fact that skill level can be artificially increased by pumping money into the game.

One developer stated the goal is to make a game with loot boxes that feel like a fun bonus, not a requirement to have any fun in multiplayer. They did acknowledge that the game does not feel that way right now and they are working to fix it. The general tenor of their responses was that nothing should feel like it is impossible to unlock by normal means.

That may be an encouraging sign to a community that is clearly upset by the current state of things, but as it stands right now, the game seems skewed in favor of players who spend money. That said, Polygon ’s Owen S. Good put a significant amount of money into the game and still hit a wall when it came to unlocking things. His conclusion was that you cannot directly buy your way to the top without at least playing some of the game, but along similar lines, you cannot realistically unlock everything without spending some money, no matter how much you play.

'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Credit Limit

You can get in-game currency to spend on loot crates in the single-player Arcade Mode, but this source of income caps out at a measly 500 credits per day. This was implemented to prevent people from exploiting Arcade Mode for infinite money, but players are just as unhappy about it as they are about everything else in Battlefront II .

At this point, the game’s official subreddit is completely dominated by posts about how much people hate the progression system. Twitter, meanwhile, has plenty of jokes about Star Wars Battlefront II .

Mind you, all of this is before the game officially comes out tomorrow.