• "Starfield" is the new space-faring game from Bethesda
  • Neither Microsoft nor Bethesda has announced the release date of "Starfield"
  • However, industry insiders recently revealed the game's release window

"The Elder Scrolls 6" fans could hear more details and updates about the game very soon if the latest "Starfield" release window leak is anything to go by.

The latest information about "Starfield" has come from the industry insider and GamesBeat video games reporter Jeff Grubb. Grubb tagged Kinda Funny Games' Blessing Adeoye Jr. on Twitter, saying the content creator was right about the release date of Bethesda's upcoming space-faring game. Before the post, Grubb and Blessing had discussed some details about the game on a Kinda Funny Games episode.

According to them, "Starfield" is targeting a Q1 2022 release window. Over the weekend, Grubb has claimed the upcoming game from Bethesda would exclusively launch on Xbox and Microsoft Windows, and wouldn't be available on Sony's gaming console on day one. Grubb's statement on the release window of the game aligns with SkullziTV's claim.

在最近的QuakeCon 2018上,Bethesda總監Todd Howard宣佈他們已經收購了Escalation遊戲工作室。這也是B社旗下的第四家遊戲工作室了,它以後會被稱為「Bethesda Dallas」,並會為《星空之地(ST...

SkullziTV is also a reliable industry insider who has been sharing "Starfield" in-game screenshots on Twitter. According to him, "I'd consider Starfield 2022 basically confirmed from what I have been hearing, seems to be Q1 most likely March. Lots of releases this fall anyway, and Starfield will have more in-game systems than any other BGS game so they have a lot of polishing and testing to do. We'll see."

If these insiders' claim about the release date of "Starfield" is accurate, it means "The Elder Scrolls 6" fans could hear a lot more information about their much-awaited title. Bethesda Softworks chief software engineer Todd Howard said in one of his past interviews the industry would be hearing more about "The Elder Scrolls 6" after the release of "Starfield."

As for the game's release date, Howard has said that as much as possible, they like to "be able to show what the final product feels like and looks like when we're closer to release so that we're 100% confident in 'Here it is, here's what it does and here's when you can play it.'" Meanwhile, SkullziTV shared a new supposed "Starfield" in-game image on Twitter.

The image showcased a pretty interior, which looks impressive considering it was taken from the game's 2018 build. Despite the recent claims from industry insiders, "Starfield" fans should temper their expectations about the game's release date since neither Microsoft nor Bethesda has announced it yet.