• "Starfield" was announced at E3 2018
  • It is a space-faring title from Bethesda
  • Bethesda has not yet revealed its specific release date

Many games are rumored to arrive this year, but it looks like "Starfield" is not going to be among them if the recent statement from a video games journalist is anything to go by.

"Starfield," the new space-faring title from Bethesda, is unlikely to release this year, says Bloomberg's Jason Schreier. In an AMA thread on Reddit, the video games journalist was asked by a user, secretgirl3, to share his thoughts about the Bethesda title releasing this year. Schreier answered with a brief "nope," seemingly hinting that the much-awaited title is still further from the release date fans were hoping for.

The journalist later updated his comment on Reddit, saying, "Dear video game websites, please stop turning this post into articles. I don't expect most games to hit 2021. I've been saying this for months."

Schreier also reshared an old post on ResetEra, a video game forum, to back his claim. "During the pandemic, it's safe to assume no release date is solid until the game is actually downloading on your console," he said in the post.

Starfield – Official Announcement Teaser
Discover Starfield, the new space epic currently in development by Bethesda Game Studios. Starfield is the first new franchise in twenty-five years from the acclaimed developers of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. Bethesda Softworks Official YouTube Channel

In February, industry insider NateDrake shared on ResetEra a list of upcoming Bethesda/Microsoft events. "There has been a strong hope & desire to have Starfield launch this yr," the insider noted. "How major the impacts due to COVID have been on the title is anyone's guess, but 2021 was the intended goal for release as of a few months ago".

NateDrake said he was not entirely sure of this release window. This is because "Starfield" is a Bethesda title known in the industry for delayed release dates. "I'm not saying it'll 100% for certain happen; but, as of late last year, I was hearing the goal was to launch this year. But it is a Bethesda game and delays or issues may arise to prevent the release from coming," he said.

There is no official announcement from Bethesda regarding the game's release.