Steam's summer sale begins today. Courtesy/Valve

The Steam summer sale will begin at 1 PM EST Thursday. According to Eurogamer, the sale will run until June 28 with an encore that extends it to Monday, June 30. This year's sale is taking place one month earlier than the Steam summer sale of 2013, which ran in July.

Rumors of Valve’s platform sale surfaced on NeoGAF last week, and the sale was confirmed on Wednesday.

The Steam summer sale will include daily game deals, discounted items, long- and short-term offers and much more. Catching a deal in time is important during this sale, as some discounts are only offered for a limited time and can disappear quickly.

"DayZ" is one of Steam's featured games. Courtesy/Bohemia Interactive

Currently, some of the featured games on Steam are zombie survival horror “DayZ,” indie title “Starbound” and action role-playing game “A Wizard’s Lizard.” No word yet on whether any of these titles will be offered at a lower price.

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