"Far Cry 3" is part of Steam's summer sale. Courtesy/Ubisoft Montreal

Steam’s summer sale kicked off today at 1 PM (EST)... so forget about paying your rent this month and maybe buy some video games! The sale runs through the end of June and will feature deep discounts on games like “The Witcher 2” and “DayZ.”

Today’s discounts began at 1 PM and will run for various amounts of time, with certain sale items available at reduced prices for two to three days. Tomorrow, a new list of featured games will appear on the site.

Check out today’s sale items:

Ironclad Games’ science fiction strategy “Sins of a Solar Empire” is now $7.99, down 80 percent from $39.99.

Capcom’s zombie survival horror “Dead Rising 3” is on sale for $37.49, down 25 percent from $49.99.

Gain early access to fantasy role-playing title “Divinity: Original Sin,” developed by Larian Studios. The title will launch on June 30.

CD Projekt RED’s hack-and-slash title “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” is available for $3.99, down 80 percent from $19.99.

Positech Games’ government simulation game “Democracy 3” is available for $8.49, down 66 percent from $24.99.

Zombie survival open world title “DayZ” can be purchased for $25.49, down 15 percent from $29.99.

Ubisoft Montreal’s first-person shooter “Far Cry 3” is available for $7.49, down 75 percent from its regular price of $29.99.

Klei Entertainment’s action-adventure game “Don’t Starve” is available for $3.74, down 75 percent from its usual price of $14.99.

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