The hacking group known as TheDarkOverlord, which has been behind a number of recent leaks of stolen movies and TV shows, has published pilfered footage of upcoming ABC show, “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome.”

The group made a torrent of eight episodes of the yet-to-be aired program available on the Pirate Bay after ABC failed to meet the group’s ransom demand. TheDarkOverlord publicly threatened the broadcast network late last week.

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“Time to play another round,” the group said in a statement that accompanied the release of the episodes. “We're following through on our threats as we always do. We firmly believe that honesty and determination are the two most important factors of any business.”

“Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” is hosted by comedian Steve Harvey and pits two entrepreneurs against each other as they pitch their product ideas in front of a studio audience. It is scheduled to premiere on ABC on Sunday.

It’s unclear how exactly TheDarkOverlord managed to obtain the show, and what the group was aiming to extort from ABC not to go through with the leak. The group told TorrentFreak it had “approached ABC with a most handsome business proposal” but were “rudely denied an audience.”

The files uploaded to the Pirate Bay appear to be legitimate though the torrent itself has generated relatively little activity. “Oh wow, a show literally NOBODY is waiting to see that is scheduled to start airing in a week anyway,” one commenter posted on the site.

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The leak of “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” is just the latest apparently stolen production to be released by TheDarkOverlord, which first claimed in April it had content from a number of networks, including ABC, CBS, IFC, FOX and National Geographic.

That same month, the group released episodes of Season 5 of the Netflix original series “Orange is the New Black.” The release came after Netflix refused to pay a ransom and resulted in the leak of show months before Friday's planned air date.

While TheDarkOverlord made good on its threats to Netflix and ABC, the hacking group has been less than consistent in its behavior. Last month, Disney CEO Bob Iger told a company town hall meeting that Disney was being threatened with the release of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” if it did not pay a ransom.

TheDarkOverlord took credit for the threat and said it planned to release the film in chunks ahead of it being available in theaters. However, the hacker group never made good on its threat and Iger later said, “To our knowledge we were not hacked.”

It’s believed TheDarkOverlord’s stolen content comes as the result of a hack of audio post-production company Larson Studios. The company was working on “Orange is the New Black” and the name “Larson” appears in the name of at least one file in the “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” leak.