Capcom’s latest title, “Street Fighter V,” was well-received at E3 2015. Fans in Europe can now sign up for the beta to participate in early access to the game.

DualShockers spotted the link to the beta signup, which can be accessed here. As announced, only PS4 players will first have access to the beta, as the link will ask for the players to log in to the PlayStation Network. Currently, the signup is available only in Europe, with no time frame announced for how long the registration link will be available.

The only way to access the beta for PS4 players in North America is to preorder the game either at select retailers or via the PSN. The earliest that beta access will be available for PlayStation players is July 23.

“Street Fighter V” has added two fighters to its rosters, as announced at E3. Shoryuken was able to get a feel of how these two fighters will perform. Cammy, apparently the most requested character, has the Axel Spin Knuckle V-Skill, the Delta Drive V-Trigger and the Strike Back V-Reversal. Her V-Skill looks like a combination of Zangief’s and Guile’s, while her V-Trigger move adds speed and the ability to pass through the opponent.

Another fighter coming to “Street Fighter V" is Birdie, who receives not only a physical transformation, but also some insane moves. His V-Skill, Break Time, is a Russian roulette of sorts in that he can pull out three different items to snack on. These can be a banana, whose peel can trip opponents, an energy drink that becomes a projectile and a doughnut that boosts the V-Gauge boost.

Enjoy Time, the V-Trigger, makes Birdie eat a super spicy pepper, which brings more damage, armor and movement. Birdie also makes use of his chain during fights, making him a powerful and extended-range fighter. The trailer below shows off Cammy’s and Birdie’s moves.

Even with the crowd cheering for the addition of the new characters, it's not all good news. Some Japanese gamers, according to Rocketnews 24, don't like the new design for Cammy. She may appear more masculine this time around and some fans do not like her face with the new art. However, other fans defended the change in her physical features, praising her more "British" look and angular features.

"Street Fighter V" E3 2015 Trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)