Fallout Shelter
Bethesda Softworks' mobile game "Fallout Shelter." "Fallout 4" is due in November. Bethesda Softworks LLC

Players on the PS4 and Xbox One should prepare for the lower-than-average graphics coming with “Fallout 4.” Compared to most current-gen titles, “Fallout 4” will debut on Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles at 1080p and 30 frames per second.

This was confirmed by developer Bethesda to Digital Spy, along with the announcement that since the figures apply to everything, there is a chance that includes the PC version. However, there's some good news with the announcement, such as the ability to build different infrastructures and defenses in the game.

Apart from the confirmed mod support for the PC and Xbox One, the developer also aims to release the feature for the PS4. But according to Bethesda, the final decision will rest with Sony as to introducing mod support for the PS4.

Since PC mod support has been confirmed, the feature will come out on that platform first in 2016, followed by mod support for the Xbox One. The PS4 will follow after that.

Even with the newly revealed resolutions and graphics for “Fallout 4,” Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines insists this will not play out negatively for the game.

“Everything that we do is a balance,” said Hines in a statement quoted by GameSpot. “We could make the best-looking game possible, but we dial some of that back in order to allow for all these other things.”

The "other things" include the interactivity that fans can expect from “Fallout 4.” The characters can interact with their surroundings in a more advanced way compared to current role-playing games.

According to the report, the things being introduced in “Fallout 4,” such as the building system and deep-level interactivity, required some trade-offs with the graphics. Bethesda also highlighted players’ freedom in what they would like to do in “Fallout 4.”

“Fallout 4” is one of the most anticipated titles since teasers surfaced. The Pip-Boy edition of the game has been sold out in every retailer that is already accepting preorders.

The Pip-Boy, made by Bethesda, is a wearable device that can be combined with a phone. There is an app that makes the Pip-Boy work with the game. Business Insider reports that the Pip-Boy will introduce a second-screen experience. “Fallout 4” is set to be released on Nov. 10.

Bethesda E3 press conference (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)