Street Fighter
"Street Fighter V" will introduce a battle operation dubbed the V-System. PlayStation/Capcom

“Street Fighter V” fans will be happy to know some new key information about Capcom’s latest title. Fresh from the EVO 2015 event, the developer has confirmed that players can earn characters as they continue to play the game.

Unlike most titles that require paid expansion content post-launch, Capcom revealed via the PlayStation Blog that players can earn the additional characters post-launch instead of buying them. In essence, the base game is the only disc that requires purchase.

This is a big change for the franchise, as even other gameplay-related content can be earned by hard work playing the game. All others, like balance and system adjustments, will be rolled out for free.

Players can now get their choice characters without additional purchases. This is on top of the 16 playable characters already being released at launch for “Street Fighter V.” Those who do prefer to purchase content can still do so, but with the enhanced option of which characters to spend money on. The same goes for earning characters via gameplay.

All these are possible via two types of currency in the “Street Fighter V” world: the Fight Money, which is a currency earned through playing and used for post-launch game content, and Zenny, a premium currency that can only be purchased via real-world money. This gives players immediate access to post-launch content.

A later scheduled beta will see the introduction of the currencies to see how it works in an actual gamer setting. However, it appears that the introduction of the new system alone has players hyped up even more about the title. In addition, fans are now starting to voice their support, anticipation and decision to buy “Street Fighter V.”

At EVO 2015, Capcom also introduced another character joining the roster. The gameplay below shows the new fighter battling it out with the redesigned Ken. According to Event Hubs, the new character is named Necalli. He is a new fighter to the “Street Fighter” franchise and is one of four original fighters that will be debuting in “Street Fighter V.”

Not only does his appearance belie his savage nature, his attacks are also a series of pounds and slams to the ground. He also takes on a new form in his V-Trigger state.

For those who remember the gameplay reveal for Ken, another fighter was seen in a few snapshots at the very end. While there has been speculation that the character may be E. Honda or Akuma, the character was actually Necalli.

EVO 2015 "Street Fighter V" character reveal (Credit: YouTube/SupaAyshun)