Subway has announced a new lineup of options for their consumers as part of their “Eat Fresh, Refresh” campaign.

In a press release Tuesday, the restaurant chain announced it would start serving 12 new sandwiches with pre-selected ingredients. The sandwiches, which are named and numbered, are called “The Subway Series.”

“These new mouthwatering sandwiches are the perfect combination of meat, cheese, vegetables, sauce and freshly baked bread, allowing guests to explore new options beyond their beloved build-you-own customization,” the chain said in the release.

The selection of sandwiches includes a selection of three cheesesteaks, three “italianos,” three chicken-based sandwiches and three club sandwiches.

According to the release, the cheesesteaks are #1 The Philly, #2 The Outlaw and #3 The Monster. The “Italianos” include #4 Supreme Meats, #5 Bella Mozza and #6 The Boss. The chicken sandwiches are #7 The MexiCali, #8 The Great Garlic and #9 The Champ.

Finally, the club sandwiches are called #10 All-American Club, #11 Subway Club and #12, Turkey Cali Club.

The move comes after Subway changed the menu with the “Eat Fresh, Refresh” campaign which added 12 new ingredients. Subway called it a much-needed food innovation at the time.

"Last summer's Eat Fresh Refresh laid the foundation to build a better Subway, and now the Subway Series enhances the entire Subway guest experience – proof that we continue to improve and get way better. Whether you leave the sandwich-making to us or are craving your custom creation, there are more reasons than ever to make Subway your dining destination," Trevor Haynes, President, North America at Subway said in the press release.

Subway added that in honor of the launch of “The Subway Series” it will be giving away up to 1 million free 6-inch sandwiches on July, 12.