• Tesla prepares Shanghai Factory in China for mass production of the all-new Model Y.
  • 500,000 units to be produced worldwide starting mid-2020.
  • First batch of deliveries expected this March.

The elusive Tesla Model Y prototype was spotted again in a covered parking lot in Los Angeles last weekend. But, this time, it came with classy and neat white interiors and paint job.

According to Teslarati, many sightings of the Model Y, Tesla’s first 100 percent electric car, have been recorded across the U.S. since last year. However, most of them were the regular black-interior type. Thus, this latest sighting of the highly anticipated Tesla car gives e-car enthusiasts a first-hand look at how the Model Y looks like in white.

Tesla's white Model Y prototype looks “production-ready” as seen on photos posted on r/TeslaMotors subreddit account. However, CEO Elon Musk admitted, in previous phone interviews, that “production at this time is [still] at a limited volume.”

“[Our] engineers have been able to increase the maximum EPA range of all-wheel drive version of the Model Y to 315 miles [previously at 280 miles],” he added.

Subtle modifications to the car’s body were also evident. Rear windows are also said to be tinted “extremely dark.” The Model Y was first spotted outside of the company’s factory in Fremont, California.

Currently, the Model Y is available for purchase in two variants: the Long Range Dual Motor and the Performance variants. The Long Range Dual Motor will cost around $52,990, while the Performance variant will cost $60,990. Tesla will start deliveries as early as March, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific reported.

How many units will be produced?

Tesla already began production of the Model Y this month and will gradually ramp up production as it adds machinery through mid-2020. The company is targeting up to 500,000 units of combined Model 3 and Model Y capacity per year.

The company also plans to produce its newest car in China. Tesla’s Shanghai factory currently has the capacity to produce 150,000 Model 3 vehicles. An expansion project is underway at the Shanghai factory set to focus on manufacturing the Model Y.

“Given the popularity of the SUV vehicle segment, we are planning for Model Y capacity to be at least equivalent to Model 3 capacity,” Tesla said in a statement.

Model Y is Tesla’s next technological brainchild that places somewhere between the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3. There aren't any drastic changes compared to the Model X's Falcon Wing doors, but the nose of the Model Y looks slightly different. Moreover, the “chrome delete” look will be standard on the Model Y.

Fully electric
Tesla's newest car, Model Y, is 100 percent running on electricity. Wikimedia Commons