At the recent Microsoft Surface Event, the software company made a huge splash in the mobile space with the announcement of a new dual-screen foldable Android-powered phone, the Surface Duo. 

Microsoft has been struggling in its mobile business. But the launch this week of the Surface Duo could offer Microsoft some significant help in its life and death struggle in the hotly contested mobile market. The timing is good for the software company. The Surface Duo comes at a time when foldable phones are starting to grab attention in both the consumer and enterprise markets. 

The dual-screen handset is likely to spearhead a renaissance of Microsoft as a major hardware maker with a strong focus on enterprise business. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Surface Duo promises a compelling alternative to the enterprise-grade BlackBerry smartphones, which now owned by Chinese tech firm TCL. 

The phone’s main strength could be in the enterprise and productivity sides. Microsoft is best known for its office applications and cloud-based enterprise offerings like the Azure cloud service. The office and enterprise integration will give the Surface Duo a considerable advantage when it comes to the digital workplace. 

The Surface Duo features two glass screens that can be used in a variety of form factors and tasks. Additionally, the Surface Duo’s dual-screen can also be folded into different angles or adaptable postures, making it an ideal device for mobile workers. 

The Surface Duo will be made available sometime in 2020. Microsoft is pushing the release date to give developers enough time to start building apps for the new Android-based device.

And finally, the Surface Duo runs on the Android platform and has the full backing of both Google and Microsoft. The two have teamed up to bring a whole new mobile product, one that could bring the absolute best of the two tech giants, Android and Microsoft, into one smartphone.