In some cases, working on the Apple MacBook may sometimes require you to use some tools from Microsoft with your tasks. Fortunately, syncing Microsoft To-Do and Apple’s Cortana is possible through a few simple steps for easy task management. Here’s how to do it.

First, you’ll have to access the System Preferences settings on your macOS. Inside this settings list, find the Internet Accounts menu and check inside the Exchange feature. The feature will lead you to other email providers, where you need to choose the Microsoft account. It’ll ask you to input your name and to place your email address. Keep pressing sign in until it shows you the credentials again and asks to log in your email. Once you’re logged-in, select done. You can double check the compatible apps to make sure that the apps you want are already synced up.

You can now check your Reminders app on the macOS to see that your Microsoft To-Do and Cortana reminders are already synced up. This can work for MacBooks and as long as you can access this feature. Once activated, your device will recognize reminders set on Microsoft To-Do and Cortana, just in case users would use whatever’s available to write the memos, and this prevents tedious switching between macOS and Windows as you work. This setup doesn’t need any other downloads to make it work, which makes it a nifty tool as long as you know the instructions and if you don’t have enough internet speed to download anything to the device.

As of now, Apple doesn’t have a device that fully supports the dual OS feature that’s aimed for business handlers and program developers. Moreover, Apple has yet to announce any new devices as of 2019. So far, both CES 2019 and the upcoming Apple event this March have and will focus on Apple’s improvement on their services rather than new devices. Potentially, we might hear an update that could help push this sync feature to the next level.

For now, we’ll have to wait for Apple to talk about their new releases this coming March.

macbook unit
macOS Catalina is now available for download. (Pictured: The new Macbook Air is on display as people look at the new Apple products at One Hanson Place after a special event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House October 30, 2018.) AFP/Getty Images/Timothy A. Clary