The developers of SwiftKey Keyboard recently released a new update for its app for Android OS. The new update for the mobile app comes with new features and improvements, and it is already available for download from the Google Play Store. 

The new update for the Android version of SwiftKey started rolling out on Thursday, Nov. 10. Based on its official changelog, the developers have added more keyboard layouts to the app. The first one is the QWERTZ Swiss French layout, and the second one is the QWERTZ extended layout for Swiss German and Swiss Italian. These new additions would make it easier for people who prefer these type of keyboard layouts to use the app.

Aside from the new keyboard layouts, a new feature that’s been added to the SwiftKey Keyboard app is incognito mode. In computers, incognito mode is used for private browsing, since this disables browsing history and the web cache. Therefore, local data is not stored when the mode is on. In SwiftKey, incognito mode works by temporarily preventing the system from learning the words or phrases the user keyed in while the mode is active. 

According to PhoneArena, the update also has fixes for certain bugs found in the previous version. One of the fixes addresses the bug that causes the keyboard to crash when the user is dragging the cursor while typing in Chinese. Moreover, another upgrade that users will notice with the new SwiftKey version is the option that allows them to download themes with just one tap.

SwiftKey Keyboard for Android is a free app; however, the different themes are not free of charge. For users who want to switch up the appearance of the keyboard to match their style can purchase premium themes from the SwiftKey Store that is accessible via the Themes panel of the SwiftKey Hub. 

SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the Android apps that are consistently part of the Play Store's Editor’s Choice list. This is because the app uses Artificial Intelligence in learning the writing style of the user in order for its system to autocorrect erroneous texts and predict the words the user would be typing next. 

Get the latest version of Swiftkey Keyboard for Android here.