Microsoft has released a new software update for the Xbox One console, and it comes with fixes that improve the overall gaming experience. Unfortunately, this update is only available to preview members.

According to DualShockers, the system software update has a build code of rs1_xbox_rel_1610.161103-1900. Based on the patch notes that came with it, the preview update fixes certain issues found in Messaging, Cortana, Settings, Narrator and Virtual Keyboard

When it comes to Messaging, users who are unable to send messages will now see a dialog that contains information on why the message cannot be sent. The dialog will also direct users to Xbox Support.

Cortana improvements include better speech recognition for users located in France, Italy, Spain and Germany. A fix for the problem wherein Groove Music crashes when launched via Cortana is also present in the system update.

Another fix addresses the problem that leads OneGuide to crash when it is launched while the Narrator is still active. Virtual Keyboard is also enhanced by the fix that stabilizes its input-recognizing capability. Finally, the system update resolves the problem with the Detailed Network Statistics page appearing blank when there is an outage on Xbox Live.

The system software update preview comes just a day after Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed on Twitter that Xbox One backward compatibility for certain titles are coming this November, according to GameRant.

“Red Dead Redemption,” “Gears of War” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops” are now confirmed to be getting backward compatibility this month. Spencer also implied that “Grand Theft Auto IV,” “Mass Effect 2” and even the seventh-generation “Call of Duty” games are likely to be added to the list of backward compatible games.

GameRant indicated that the reason why Microsoft is giving many video game titles backward compatibility support is because Sony is launching the PS4 Pro on Nov. 11. It actually makes sense since adding more games to the Xbox 360 library on Xbox One could convince gamers that they don’t need to switch or pick up a new console to enjoy playing more titles.