T-Mobile (TMUS) has announced that it will be rolling out its 5G network on Dec. 6 to more than 200 million Americans.

The wireless company has invested $40 billion in its 5G network and services and expects “to deliver 14 times more network capability.” The 5G network will cover more than 5,000 cities across the U.S., including rural areas, T-Mobile said.

T-Mobile will off its 5G service with the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G or OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren smartphones in 2020.

“We’re building a 5G network that will allow us to deliver future New T-Mobile moves that are going to be SO massive we couldn’t WAIT to share the first few,” John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile said.

“We have definitively put a stake in the ground around the kind of company the supercharged Un-carrier will be and the ways we can put this radically better 5G network to work doing GOOD for this country — good for consumers, good for competition and good for innovation!

“Only the New T-Mobile’s transformative 5G network will FINALLY have the capacity and reach to make the BOLD moves we announced today that are squarely aimed at SOLVING inequities that have huge impacts on our society. When it comes to wireless service, many have been taken advantage of, left behind or completely forgotten. It’s time for another wave of change and the New T-Mobile will be at the forefront of that!” he added.

In addition to the 5G rollout, T-Mobile also announced what it is calling “Un-carrier moves” that incorporate three initiatives, including Connecting Heroes that will offer free 5G access as well as unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data to every first responder at public and nonprofit agencies throughout the U.S.

T-Mobile has also launched the Project 10Million, which will offer free service and hotspots to 10 million households over a five-year period in the U.S. The company is also offering T-Mobile Connect, a prepaid service that will offer a $15 per month prepaid option to everyone, including lower-income customers.

T-Mobile also said it will create 11,000 additional jobs by 2024 through the merger with Sprint and create five new Customer Experience Centers, including the development of facilities near Fresno, California, Kansas City, Kansas, and Rochester, New York.

Shares of T-Mobile stock were at a 0.01% increase as of 2:32 p.m. EST on Thursday.

T-Mobile storefront
A photo of a T-Mobile storefront is pictured. Reuters/Rick Wilking