T-Mobile USA has announced that it is closing seven customer service facilities across the country by the end of June along with cutting 1,900 jobs.

It added that it could cut more jobs in the coming months. There are around 3,300 people currently employed in the seven customer service facilities that it will be shutting down. This shut down will reduce the number of call center facilities from 24 to 17.

Allentown, Fort Lauderdale, Frisco, Brownsville, Lenexa, Thorton and Redmond are the seven locations to be shut down.

Concentrating call centers is an important step to achieve competitive cost structures to successfully compete as Challenger and value player in the wireless market, said Philipp Humm, CEO and President of T-Mobile.

These are not easy steps to take, but they are necessary to realize efficiency in order to invest for growth, he added.

T-Mobile added that it has invited employees from the seven locations to be shut down to transfer to the other 17 facilities where around 1,400 jobs are newly added. So the remaining 1,900 will have to lose their jobs.

Severance pay and outplacement aid are offered by T-Mobile for those employees who do not opt for the transfer option. In addition, T-Mobile has announced that onsite career centers are established in the seven centers to be shut down so that employees can be offered access to job search training, tools and technologies.

We have tremendous customer service representatives who are highly-skilled and dedicated to serving our customers. We hope as many as possible pursue transfers and stay with T-Mobile, said Larry Myers, Chief People Officer of T-Mobile.