Notion Ink, a small Bangalore, India based start-up, is awaiting approval from the Feeral Communications Commission for its upcoming tablet, the Notion Ink Adam.

The company announced through its blog that it needs FCC and European Community approval in the U.S. and Europe respectively before it can ship out the tablet. Notion Ink first released information on the tablet back in August and launched it worldwide in December, showing off the product at last week's Consumer Electronics Show. It doesn't expect the FCC certification to cause any problems.

Though for a company doing business IN the respective countries can't sell product without these certifications, global business does not have any such restrictions, and over all these contradiction makes things confusing. For example, as a customer you can buy a product without these certifications online. We will opt for the safer side and wait for the final confirmation and then ship it to you, the company said via its blog.

The Notion Ink Adam is multi-touch, 10.1 inch tablet which uses a customized version of the Android 2.2 operating system. It uses the NVIDIA Tegra 250 chip, which Notion Ink says has incredible number crunching ability to create ultra-responsive apps with a long-lasting battery life.

The FCC did not respond to a request for comment.