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New Video Of Attack Emerges

Diners and staff scramble to duck under tables and behind the bar Friday as militants open fire in the restaurant, in footage obtained by the Daily Mail.

'I Thought This Was The End'

On a cool night in Paris, a series of terrorist attacks left scores of people dead, and a nation deeply wounded for the second time this year.
Nigeria phone vendor

Nigeria's Telephone Penetration Expands

Nigeria saw its number of telephone connections increase by more than 7 percent in the first half of the year amid expanded access to mobile phones and telecommunication services.

Death Toll Rises In Bangkok

The bomb appeared to have been attached to a small motorbike, but initial reports were unclear if it was detonated inside or outside a shrine.
Burundi elections

In Burundi, 'It's Chaos'

In the battle for control of the African country, "you cannot distinguish [between] military and militia or police and rebels."


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