NASA Confirms St. Louis Meteor Came From Asteroid Belt

An official from NASA confirmed that the meteor that lit up a major U.S. city earlier this week came from the asteroid belt. According to the official, the meteor that turned into a bright fireball in the sky weighed about a hundred kilograms.
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China To Build Moon Bases And Send Astronauts To Mars

China is looking to rival NASA’s space exploration projects by establishing an outpost on the Moon. The country’s space agency also aims to send a human mission to Mars and investigate signs of alien life on the Red Planet.
This image taken from NASA TV shows astronaut Christina Koch during a spacewalk outside the International Space Station on October 18, 2019

NASA To Extend Astronauts’ ISS Missions In Preparation For Mars

NASA announced that it intends to increase the length of time astronauts stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in order to prepare for a future human expedition to Mars. According to NASA, it plans to use the ISS as an effective training ground for long-term space missions.
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NASA Photo Captures Strange Alien Light On Mars

A UFO expert claimed that NASA was able to photograph a light source that is of alien origin on Mars. The expert speculated that the light may have been produced by alien creatures that live below the Martian surface.
Asteroid Impacts

Expert Warns Asteroid Belt Could Cause Impact Event On Earth

An expert warned that Earth would have little time to react if a space rock from the asteroid belt gets dislodged from its orbit and heads toward Earth. If the asteroid is big enough, it could cause an impact event that could trigger mass extinctions on the planet.
Mars Global Surveyor Artist Concept

Expert Suggests Testing Mars Base Tech On Moon First

An expert from France’s space agency suggested that the technology that will be used in Mars human colonies should be tested on the Moon first. According to the expert, the upcoming mission to the Moon will help space agencies prepare for a voyage to the Red Planet.
Curiosity rover

NASA Scientist Explains How Samples Can Be Collected From Mars

A scientist at NASA explained how a new mission will be able to return samples taken from Mars to Earth using a container that resembles Darth Vader’s helmet. According to the scientist, a sample-return mission could finally prove if alien life exists on the Red Planet.
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Scientists Reveal When We'll Find Proof Of Alien Life

A group of experts provided their own estimates as to when actual proof of alien life will be discovered. According to the scientists, it is possible that traces of alien life will be found on Mars or other planets soon.


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