NASA Preparing To Push Mole On Mars Using InSight Lander

NASA is preparing to execute a maneuver that will push the mole further down into the hole than the InSight lander has dug on Mars. Doing so will enable the agency to collect accurate measurements of the heat coming from the Red Planet’s interior.

NASA Terminates Space Telescopes, Science Missions For 2021 Budget Request

Two space telescope missions and other scientific projects are in danger of getting axed according to a budget proposal report submitted by NASA and the White House. The decision to terminate these projects seems to stem from the need to boost NASA’s budget for its upcoming Moon and Mars missions.

Utah’s Great Salt Lake Hold Clues To Mars' Alien Life

The emergence of bacteria in the minerals found in the Great Salt Lake in Utah last year could provide clues regarding the existence or evolution of alien life on Mars. According to scientists, the Red Planet used to have the same environmental conditions that produced the mineral on Earth.


SOL 1436

UFO Expert Spots Ancient Alien Structure In NASA Mars Photo

A UFO expert claimed that one of the photos taken by NASA on Mars accidentally captured the remains of an ancient alien structure. The expert noted that the presence of the structure explains one particular aspect of the nature of the aliens that once lived on Mars.
Curiosity rover

New Findings Indicate Mars’ Water May Have Hosted Alien Life

A new study claims that the water that once flowed on Mars may have had the right conditions to support microbial alien line. The authors of the study came up with this conclusion after analyzing the samples collected by NASA’s Curiosity rover.