NASA Photo Shows House Of Small Alien Creature On Mars

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A UFO expert claimed that a photo taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars accidentally captured an image of an alleged alien structure. According to the UFO expert, the structure is a type of house that small alien creatures use on the Red Planet.
Planetary Collision

Astronomers Witness Aftermath Of Exoplanets’ Violent Collision

Astronomers using NASA’s space telescopes were able to discover traces of a violent collision between two exoplanets in a distant star system. According to experts, a similar collision between Earth and a Mars-sized object that occurred billions of years ago led to the formation of the Moon.
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NASA Photo Shows Alien Creature And Weapon On Mars

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted several strange objects in a photo taken by NASA on Mars. According to the UFO expert, the photo contained images of alien cat-like creatures as well as an ancient Martian weapon.
Mars at Ls 357°: Tharsis

Can Earth Collide With Mars? Experts Say It Could Happen

Scientists believe that gravitational forces and other factors in space could affect the orbits of planets, which means there’s a chance that Mars could collide with Earth. If this happens, the resulting impact would destroy the entire planet.

Venus Mission Possible With Current Technology, Scientists Claim

A scientific advisory group for NASA proposed to the space agency that a mission to Venus is possible even with today’s technology. According to the group, visiting Venus would provide valuable information regarding its possible similarities with Earth.
moon with two dark sides

Elon Musk Admits SpaceX’s Moon Base Refueling Station Could Fail

Elon Musk admitted that SpaceX’s plans of establishing a human base on the Moon could fail and affect the company’s spaceflight programs. According to Musk, the Moon may not have enough resources to serve as a refueling station for SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft.

NASA Details Deadly Risks Of Going To Space In Video

Members of NASA’s Artemis program revealed just how challenging space exploration can be in the latest video released by the agency. According to the program’s team members, the risk of death is always present due to the harsh conditions of space.
Mars Surface

Mars, Moon Soil Could Support Crops, Researchers Reveal

A team of researchers was able to successfully grow different species of crops on soil samples that are similar to those found on Mars and the Moon. The successful experiment could help space agencies establish a steady food supply for future Martian and lunar human colonies.
An ESA/Hubble artist's impression of the K2-18b super-Earth

Humans Can't Colonize Another Planet, Nobel Prize Winner Reveals Why

Astrophysicist Michael Mayor, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the first exoplanet, said humans will never be able to leave Earth to colonize another planet. According to Mayor, it is simply not possible to travel across space outside the Solar System to migrate to a planet that’s similar to Earth.
Mars surface

NASA Photo Shows Living Alien Creature On Mars

A UFO expert claimed that photos taken by NASA’s Opportunity rover on Mars showed an alien creature that slightly resembles a rabbit. According to the expert, the alleged creature was alive when the photo was taken and that NASA has footage of it as it was moving.


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