• Dohalim has a wide variety of playstyles to choose from
  • He can be used as a melee fighter, offensive caster or support character
  • Dohalim can root agile enemies in place to prevent them from dodging attacks

The lord of Elde Menancia in “Tales of Arise” has more than just a few tricks up his sleeve. Dohalim mixes the fast melee fighting style of Law with the offensive and supportive spellcasting style of Shionne and Rinwell, making a true hybrid character from a gameplay perspective.

Dohalim’s access to a wide variety of melee attacks and astral artes makes him somewhat complicated at first glance, even for players who don’t plan on using him as their primary fighter. However, Dohalim’s seemingly bloated kit is also one of his greatest strengths since it makes him incredibly versatile.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to play as Dohalim in “Tales of Arise.”

Dohalim’s Playstyle

Players can choose between going full melee, full spellcaster or a mix of both when playing as Dohalim.

He has access to a number of long, multi-hit attacks with his staff as well as some hard-hitting astral artes that can decimate targets in a matter of seconds. Defensively, Dohalim can provide the party with buffs, healing and resurrection.

Dohalim excels in short and mid-ranged combat using his staff and astral artes Dohalim excels in short and mid-ranged combat using his staff and astral artes Photo: Bandai Namco

Similar to Law, Dohalim gains a strong self-buff whenever he perfectly evades an attack. When empowered, his staff gains increased range and damage that can be improved even further through his skill trees. Melee-oriented players should aim to keep this buff active at all times so their combos can deal the most damage possible.

Alternatively, players who like to use spells should always try to target enemies that are downed or broken, as Dohalim’s casting times can be lengthy.

Additionally, players should try to equip spells that counter an enemy’s elemental affinity. Dohalim is the only party member who can easily access the Dark element, making him extra useful against Light-based enemies.

Dohalim Artes and Combos

Here’s a basic melee combo for Dohalim as well as some recommended astral artes for spellcaster builds:

  • Ground Artes
    • Elusive Deity
    • Seismic Rupture
    • Catapult
  • Aerial Artes
    • Rotating Piledriver
    • Tornado Drive/Eagle Rage
    • Sonic Spear

Catapult and Seismic Rupture are great filler artes to use in-between basic attacks, while Elusive Deity is a Dark skill that launches enemies in the air. The aerial artes listed above are great for keeping enemies suspended in the air before finishing them off with Tornado Drive or Eagle Rage.

  • Astral Artes
    • Stalagmite/Air Pressure
    • Bloody Howling
    • Execution

Bloody Howling is a great ability that can be used to passively deal damage while performing normal combos. Air Pressure, Stalagmite and Execution are best used against immobilized enemies.