• Tesla achieved an impressive feat this year despite the effects of the novel coronavirus
  • The company launched the Tesla Short Shorts a few months ago
  • Tesla is rumored working on a smartwatch based on recently discovered document

A new official document seemingly hinted that US electric vehicle maker Tesla is involved in developing a smartwatch. Earlier rumors suggested that the company is planning to branch out its electric vehicle business. Interestingly, the latest document may have given away one of the project's Tesla is currently associated with.

Is Tesla Developing A Smartwatch?

A new piece of information associating Tesla in the development of a smartwatch was reported by Electrek. The FCC application filed by the Norway-based smart wearable company called Xplora Technologies listed Tesla Motors as part of the initiative. The application also mentions that it intends to keep the aspects of the project confidential.

The FCC application does not mention any details about the smartwatch. The document is looking for the agency's approval for its use of connectivity for the X5 Play eSIM and X5 Play smartwatches. Xplora Technologies is known to specialize in developing smartwatches for kids. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tesla CEO Elon Musk is pictured. Photo: AFP/Tobias SCHWARZ

In its FCC application, the company mentions that the devices are made to track children's activities. It also enables them to send pre-defined text and voice messages. While this is usual in FCC applications, what caught the interest of many enthusiasts is the involvement or mention of Tesla Motors.

Why Is Tesla Motors Mentioned?

There are several theories and speculations surrounding the involvement of Tesla Motors in the FCC application of Xplora Technologies. Electrek speculated that the US electric vehicle makers might have acquired the company because of its employees' skills. However, if this is the case, there is no need for the company to seek the FCC's approval, which intends to launch it in the US.

It is possible that if Tesla wants to use the smartwatch platform of Xplora Technologies, the site speculated. According to the site, other third-party app developers made apps for the Apple Watch that allows it to control some Tesla vehicles. The US electric vehicle maker may be planning to do the same with Xplora. Is Tesla looking into developing a new smartwatch that could serve as an alternative key for its electric vehicles?