Tesla finally unveiled its first-ever electric pickup truck called Tesla Cybertruck. The uniquely designed vehicle earned a lot of praises and criticisms because of its contemporary design, but regardless of this, it is loaded with impressive specs. In this article, we compare and contrast the Tesla Cybertruck with the Rivian R1T Truck in various aspects to help consumers the best pickup truck that will meet their needs.

The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck blows gas-powered trucks out of the way. It also surprisingly fares well with the Rivian R1T, the only electric pickup truck with official specs already out in the market. The design of the Tesla Cybertruck is polarizing and will take time for people to get used to.

While it may take some more time and more convincing to get traditional pickup truck buyers to go electric with Tesla Cybertruck, but when it comes to the specs, the choice becomes a whole lot easier. Tesla delivered what its CEO Elon Musk has been telling people about the Cybertruck. It turns out that based on specs, Musk’s electric pickup beats Ford F-150 on all aspects, including the price if you take into consideration savings on gas, which is a significant factor for most consumers.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils the all-electric battery-powered Tesla Cybertruck in California
Elon Musk claims that the Tesla Cybertruck can withstand a 9-milimeter bullet. Handout/Tesla /

Considering that we do not have the specs of the electric version of Ford F-150, the comparison will be limited to tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T Truck. Ford invested in Rivian in the hopes that it could help them build their electric pickup truck. Rivian launched the R1T electric pickup truck in 2018 and intends to introduce it to the market in the latter part of 2020.

In the chart below, you can see the table comparing Tesla Cybertruck with Rivian R1T Truck while the table is not yet perfect since there are a couple of asterisks on the comparison for lack of disclosed starting price in the part of Rivian. In other words, the price of the 135 kWh version of the Rivian R1T truck is still unknown, and it is anticipated to cost roughly $70,000.

Additionally, Rivian only released the top specs of the Rivian R1T Truck, which means some ratings such as towing capacity could be lower for other models of the Rivian R1T Truck. Just by looking at the specs, Tesla Cybertruck comes smoothly on top with 3,000 more pounds of towing capacity, 100 more miles of range, and slightly faster acceleration. Moreover, Tesla Cybertruck has some major advantages when it comes to form factor.

This includes a much bigger bed, which matters to most pickup owners.