Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced that the Tesla vehicle’s “Party and Camping Mode” will be available by March or April. Musk confirmed that they’re focusing on another feature first before they can finish up the Party and Camping mode. Here’s what we know about this feature.

According to Musk’s tweet, the Party and Camping Mode will arrive to Tesla cars in a month or two. The awaited feature will be available for the Model S, Model 3 and Model X cars. The Party and Camping Mode allows the vehicle to support its 12v outlet for two days straight, which is great for camping and outdoor parties where you may need an extra power source.

So far, Tesla has opted to focus on finishing the Sentry mode on their Tesla cars. The Sentry mode allows the vehicle to have an advanced alarm system, which uses the car’s built-in cameras to detect any threats that could attempt damage or steal the car. When detecting nothing, the car will keep using its cameras to observe any person approaching. When a minimal threat, like a person leaning on the car or cat on top of it, is detected, the car would go on Alert to see if the threat will do anything or leave. If the car detects some damage or impact on it, the car would go full blast on sounding its alarm, light up its center display at full brightness and play some music along with it to attract attention to the car. After that, users will also be notified through their Tesla mobile app about the alarm incident and provide a video feed from the camera, provided it’s been given enough storage space. Overall, this security feature seems to be a great addition to the electric cars from Tesla.

Tesla is also working on Model Y, which is a budget SUV aimed to compete with the no. 1 SUV in America, the Toyota Rav-4. As the Rav-4 is one of the cheapest SUVs available, the Model Y could potentially be a cheap electric SUV too.

Tesla Model X Show
Soon, Tesla cars would be both comfortable and secure with the two new modes to be released. Pictured: Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks at the Model X launch event in Femont, California on September 29, 2015. AFP/Getty Images/Susana Bates