Another alleged “Tesla Killer.” Only this one’s from the Ford Motor Company and it’s “Mustang-inspired.” More than that, it’s an electric Mustang crossover SUV.

There’s a heavily camouflaged machine roaming the roads of Dearborn, Michigan some folks claim is the new Mustang-inspired, all-electric SUV. Hard to tell what it really is since it’s covered-up by what seems to be a black car cover with splashes of a dizzying geometric design done in black and white.

Some sources say the camouflage is absolutely necessary because this machine is the near-production model in its near-final form. Ford doesn’t want to lose the element of surprise that will help boost its sales, after all.

This electric baby will be called the Mach E when it debuts sometime in 2020.

Here’s an interesting tidbit. The Mach E is the reason there’s no Tesla Model E.

Ford beat Tesla to the letter “E.” So, Tesla had to make do with the number, “3” which suggests an “E” looking backwards. Thus, Tesla’s stable consists of the Models S, 3, X, Y.

Mach E is expected to have a driving range of 482 km for the basic version and 600 km for a more powerful beast. Ford earlier said it plans to debut the Mach E this year and have it on sale for the 2021 model year.

Mach E will compete directly against the Tesla Model Y (which still isn’t here), but which is expected to make an appearance in 2020. The Model Y will start at $40,000. No price tag has been revealed for the Mach E, however.

We also know a teaser for the Mach E will allegedly show itself in November. The Mach E will be part of the new Ford Icons group that will curate models related to historic names like Mustang and Bronco.

“We’re rallying the company around the iconic products," said Amy Marentic, director of regional product line management for Ford Icons. "We have to make sure they’re around for another 55 years."

Ford announced plans to launch what’s now the Mach E in January 2018. It revealed that electric SUV will have a Mustang-inspired look.

Ford initially planned to call this electric vehicle (EV) the Mach 1. Ford fans, however, hated the idea of using one of the Mustang's most famous variants as the name for an EV.

A future race to watch out for will be the first Mach E versus Model Y contest. This drag race will likely go viral and herald ore races to come.

tesla model y blue suv Pictured: The new Tesla Model Y is seen at its unveiling in Hawthorne, California on March 14, 2019. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Frederic J. Brown