Tesla Model 3
Tesla Motors' mass-market Model 3 electric cars are seen in a handout picture from Tesla Motors on March 31, 2016. Tesla Motors

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told investors Tuesday the company will deliver its first production Model 3 next month. He also said the company would offer consumers a couple of options to choose from, to customize the car according to their preferences.

"You just need to decide what color you want and what size wheels, at least for the initial production," Musk told shareholders at a Silicon Valley meeting.

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The company’s first mass-market car, which could be priced from $35,000, has received enthusiastic response from buyers with hundreds of thousands of buyers reserving the car with a $1,000 payment upfront. At the shareholders’ meeting, Musk said the Model 3 would initially come with a two-wheel drive, and an all-drive version would come later. The car will initially come with a single motor, and a dual motor version is expected “by late this year, but more likely next year."

If you haven’t made your Model 3 reservation yet, but plan on doing it soon, here are 5 reasons to do it sooner rather than later:

Design: The Tesla Model 3 comes with a glass roof windshield, just like Model X. It is designed like a premium sedan and has the look and feel of one. It will also come with Falcon style wing doors — a repeatedly requested feature on Tesla vehicles. As for the interiors, Musk has previously indicated the car will have a spaceship-like dashboard.

According to Zigwheels, Tesla is collaborating with the tech company LG to make a 15-inch landscape touchscreen for the dashboard of the car.

Autonomy: Tesla is offering semi and fully autonomous version of the car. The fully autonomous one with Autopilot 2.0 will have a price tag of around $50,000.

Range: The Model 3 is expected to run 215 miles on a single charge. By comparison, on-road hybrids like Prius can only run on battery charge for small distances, while most affordable electric vehicles go 120-150 miles on a single charge. Electric cars such as Teslas offer you the option to go fully electric. Tesla is also expected to expand its supercharger network further, once Tesla Model 3 hits the roads, according to Clapway.

Guarantee: With electric cars, the biggest risk is if something happens to the battery, your car goes bust. Tesla wants to resolve that by providing buyers an 8-year infinite mile guarantee, which can reassure those interested in buying the car.

Tax credits: Many states are offering tax credits for electric vehicles. The first 200,000 Tesla Model 3 cars will get a $7,500 tax credit. Those booked later however will see the tax credits reduced.

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That being said, if you reserve a Tesla Model 3, the earliest you can expect delivery would be the end of next year. But there is a silver lining to booking late — while the first few Tesla will have limited configuration options so production goals can be met, the company is expected to offer up to 100 configuration options in the future.