Tesla Inc. has made its inventory of new and used Model 3 electric vehicles (EVs) available for browsing online, giving potential buyers the chance to have their Model 3s delivered within days instead of weeks.

Potential buyers can now find Teslas available for delivery within a few days with this change, according to Electrek. The inventory section on Tesla’s website formerly displayed only Model S and X EVs. It now includes test drive Model 3 EVs.

By choosing one of the pre-configured cars from the existing inventory instead of customizing their own, buyers can immediately get their hands on their Model 3 much faster. How fast he gets his car, however, also depends on the customer’s location.

The inventory selection typically gives buyers the chance to get a great deal for a Tesla previously used as floor or test drive models. Because these EVs are used models, Tesla applies standard price reductions based on mileage and length of time in the fleet.

This can result in “deals” for buyers that don’t mind owning lightly-used inventory cars.

Analysts noted this option might be one of few ways potential buyers can acquire a Standard Range Model 3 right now.

Tesla currently uses a reservation system to in selling its EVs. This system allows buyers to select the options they like and have a specific car configuration delivered to them. This often leads to a delay when delivering a Tesla. For those that first ordered the Model 3 in 2016, the wait lasted a couple years before the cars got to them.

Ramping-up production usually reduces lag time to only a few weeks between configuration and delivery. It might not be fast enough for some, but it’s what they’ve got to live with.

One solution to this customer dissatisfaction was for Tesla to let people buy new and used inventory cars with much shorter delivery timelines.