The Elon Musk-owned Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has completed a record-setting cross-country trip from Los Angeles to New York City. The two Model S sedans set the first Guinness World Records-certified time for an electric vehicle crossing.

The trip took 76 hours and five minutes, with 59 hours and 34 minutes of that time spent driving, 15 hours and 57 seconds spent charging and 34 minutes to put chains on the tires for crossing the snowy Vail Pass in Colorado.

The 3,427-mile journey, which ended Sunday, was a coup for Tesla as it sought to prove the worth of its 73 super-charging stations across the country and to show that its growing fleet of cars could actually make such a grueling journey.

While most of the chargers are around 130 miles apart on average, the Tesla team did have to travel 247 miles from Flagstaff, Ariz., to Blanding, Utah, at one point. Meanwhile, the longest drive time between charges was from Silverthorne, Colo., to Cheyenne, Wyo., because of an overnight blizzard that saw the team battle through 12 inches of snow, icy roads and high winds. Significant traffic delays and the closure of roads meant the two sedans had to take a detour.

Between charges in Albert Lea, Minn., and La Crosse, Wis., the cars had to operate in -4F (-20C) temperatures, proving that the chargers and the car could withstand frigid conditions. 

According to Tesla, the trip saved 136 gallons of fuel and $435 against the average 25mpg car, assuming the price per gallon is $3.20.

However, Tesla has a long way to go before breaking the record crossing for a normal fuel-powered car. Ed Bolian broke the record late in 2013 when he was able to make the same journey in 28 hours and 50 minutes, only stopping three times to refuel and use the rest room.

Not only that, the company team were not the first to drive Teslas across the country. A father-daughter duo beat them to it last week.