A Tesla fan Twitter account revealed that its Powerwall Tesla home battery can keep electricity going in a person's home, even if there is a power outage in a local area.

A Twitter account called Tesla Boot Camp posted that they are powering their home using solar panels and their Powerwall home battery, despite the electricity grid being down in their local area. The tweet also included a map showing where the electricity was out in the region.

Tesla's official Twitter handle on Friday retweeted the post from July 22 to showcase the uniqueness of the Powerwall. Tesla CEO Elon Musk retweeted it, as well.

The tweet received 29,000 likes.

The Powerwall uses solar energy that is stored during the day and allows homes to be off the main electrical grids. The Powerwall is completely automated and can be attached to a wall or stacked up on the floor.

The Powerwall can be controlled using a Tesla app, which can gauge how much electricity is being stored.

As of 2016, Tesla claimed that over 300 MWh of Tesla batteries have been deployed in 18 countries.

The Powerwall began development in 2012 and has been released in two editions. The original Powerwall costs approximately $3,000 while the Powerwall 2 costs $6,700. Tesla had to raise prices for the Powerwall 2 due to high demand for the product.

Tesla is best known for its luxury electric vehicles, which have integrated self-driving, autopilot technology.