A Tesla Model S on Saturday crashed into a tow truck in Moscow, catching on fire and injuring three people. The vehicle reportedly was on autopilot

The vehicle was driven on a busy motorway by 41-year-old Russian businessman Alexey Tretyakov. Tretyakov and his two children were taken to the hospital after the accident.

A similar event occurred in March, when a 50-year-old man in Florida crashed into a semitrailer while driving his Tesla, with federal investigators saying that the vehicle was on autopilot. His family is suing for damages, claiming that Tesla's autopilot is at fault.

There was also another Tesla crash in Florida in 2016, with the car hitting a tractor-trailer while on autopilot. The National Transportation Safety Board criticized Tesla due to this crash, saying that the company shares some of the blame for the incident.

Autopilot isn't the only problem Tesla vehicles have faced. Some of the electric cars have randomly caught on fire, with multiple incidents in China and Hong Kong this year.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has defended Tesla electric vehicles, saying that the cars are less likely to catch on fire than regular cars with combustion engines.