Tesla cars are selling well and are popular with the customers. And aside from just private use, many owners are showing potential that Tesla cars could be relied on for business use. Here’s some of these cars.

Recently, reports of a modified Model S car have confirmed that it’s been converted to a hearse for funeral use. The modified car is being sold in Sweden for about 1.99 million Krona, which is said to be $208,000 stateside. Four Tesla cars have been converted into a hearse as confirmed by its makers.

On the other end, startup Vanlifer shows that the upcoming Tesla Semi truck could be outfitted into a electric vehicle motorhome once it comes out as seen in Futurism's report. Its design shows that the whole Tesla Semi outfitted with windows on its top and sides where normal trucks often go for compact designs.

Potentially, Tesla could also make a motorhome series with the Tesla Semi. The upcoming electric truck is not yet released but many large businesses and even the US government is interested in buying the vehicle from Tesla once it comes out. At best, the electric truck is popular with the larger organizations rather than the common consumer.

While Tesla has yet to venture out with their vehicles for other uses, the company has been focused on selling and doing well with electric sedans and SUVs sales so far. The Model 3 has been widely popular with many consumers and has experienced exponential growth just recently. Meanwhile, the Model S and Model X has also experienced some sales growth.

Aside from its prices, many consumers are considering to buy Teslas due to its Supercharger stations throughout US. Unlike other electric cars which rely on own chargers and outlets, Tesla has a large system of Supercharger stations which are some sort of gas stations for electric cars.

Not only will the common person benefit from this system, businesses planning to add Tesla cars into their operations can rely on the company’s convenient Supercharger system.

Lastly, the company is planning to release the Model Y crossover SUV which is larger than the Model 3. The vehicle is also planned to be affordable which could make these vehicles a potential prospect

Tesla Roadster
Pictured: The Tesla Roadster, the world's first highway-capable all electric car available in the United States, is displayed on its production debut in the Tesla Flagship Store on May 1, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/Vince Bucci