Elon Musk took to Twitter in late December to thank Tesla owners and ask them what features they thought would help improve the all-electric cars. Musk then took the time to go through the requests that came in from owners and reply. Some of the changes they asked for were possible or on the way already, and Wednesday he shared a video of one of the new features in action.

One user asked Musk to make the windshield wipers on the Tesla automatically change speed according to the amount of rain coming down to which Musk said, "Coming very soon."

He wasn't kidding, less than two weeks later Musk posted a video of that exact feature in action. It's short but it shows someone using a spray bottle to simulate rain on a Tesla windshield, with nobody in the car the wipers automatically turn on, clearing the water away leaving a clear view.

Musk said, "Using a neural net to detect rain using cameras (no dedicated rain or sun sensors). Computers are very patient," in a tweet that accompanied the video on his Twitter account Wednesday.

Other features people asked for included better maps and navigation systems, something Musk said would be arriving in the vehicles soon. He also gave one Twitter using Tesla owner a simple answer, "Sure," to a request for a feature that would alert family members when a family Tesla was en route home with an approximate arrival time.

He even agreed to some that he called "Cheesy, fun," specifically a recommendation for a "Disco mode," in the car that would go along with the music drivers play. It's unclear which feature owners asked for will come out next but when it does, Musk will probably share it on Twitter shortly after.