It seems like Elon Musk’s Tesla pickup is not just going to make a name for how different it would look, but it might also have a hyper utility feature that can make the new vehicle an excellent platform that can be used to transform it into other vehicles including a possible “Tesla Limo.”

According to a report, Tesla’s excellent drivetrain is sure to be a major feature of the new utility vehicle and will be a platform for other types of uses in the future. This means that future owners of the pickup can simply take out the truck bed and replace it with different types of cabin-types to fit different functions.

Some of the propositions include an RV, a tow truck or even a Tesla Limo. The last suggestion is, of course, one of the most interesting since it definitely elevates the use of the Tesla pickup from rugged to posh. The biggest take of this possibility is that the Tesla pickup is set to blur the lines among the uses of the new truck, ranging from agriculture to urban application.

The significance of this possibility is huge. If the Tesla pickup can indeed be transformed to accommodate other utility requirements then it can be a groundbreaking platform that can eventually replace diesel-powered machines in the future.

This is not hard to imagine since Tesla has been making a name in terms of power, longevity or range and arguably, safety. Should the pickup be successful in convincing diehard pickup owners to consider the new vehicle for their service requirements then we might be seeing a future where the Tesla pickup’s parts could be used for farming vehicles, mining vehicles and other productivity locomotives.

At any rate, the Tesla pickup is already an exciting new vehicle under the Tesla line. Musk has described it as the coolest vehicle he has ever worked on and described the look of the pickup to be “cyberpunk” and futuristic. It is also set to change the market for utility vehicles thanks to its powerful features, such as a 300,000-pound towing capability, a very possible 500-mile range and the possibility of using a million-mile range battery.

The Tesla pickup, unofficially called the Tesla Model B, will be making its official debut in November.

Tesla P for Pickup concept
Tesla P for Pickup concept Emre Husmen