Saying that there’s a dearth of Tesla pickup information is an understatement. Apart from an earlier teaser and some offshoot statements from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, there’s hardly anything we can get when it comes to information about the EV company’s upcoming utility vehicle.

But even if that’s the case, there’s no denying just how much interest it gets. Fans and concept designers have had a field day from Tesla fans admiring their own version of the Tesla pickup. The next EV, you see, is expected to be an interesting design wonder. Musk once described the Tesla pickup to be a “cyberpunk” machine that won’t be out of place in a Blade Runner movie.

The pickup is also expected to be as functional and as Musk hopes, as popular, as the classic Ford F-150 series that the American market is loyal to. Interestingly, if we base the popularity of the Tesla pickup and compare it with the Ford F-150, the two brands are currently equally matched.

In a Twitter traffic survey conducted by Autowise after Musk’s podcast interview with Ride The Lightning wherein he discussed what to expect from the EV utility vehicle, interest on the Tesla brand exceeded that of the F-150 in 26 U.S. states. According to a report, the data was gathered using geotagged information and was used to create a “map” courtesy of TrendsMap.

The result is crazy, considering Tesla has nothing to show for its pickup aside from a teaser that doesn’t really say anything concrete about the vehicle. Based on Musk’s interview, what we know so far is that the Tesla pickup will have a price range of less than $50,000.

“We don’t want it to be really expensive. I think it’s got to start at less than $50,000, it’s got to be like $49,000 starting price, maximum, ideally less. … It’s got to be something that’s affordable. There will be versions of the truck that are more expensive, but you’ve got to be able to get a really great truck for $49,000, or less,” Musk told podcast host Ryan McCaffrey.

The pickup is also expected to have a powerful towing capacity of up to 300,000 pounds and a battery range of 300 to 500 miles on a full charge.

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A view of a US automotive and energy company Tesla showroom and service center in Amsterdam on Oct. 14, 2018. EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images